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…. need..im fine…really„k 


…. need..im fine…really„k 

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"Okay, so 17, redhead, blue eyes. I'm super lame. I eat a lot. Uh... Oh yeah I kissed you that one time and that should happen more often, but I'm an awkward fuck."

Maybe, who knows 😏

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Getting a tattoo tonight omg 🙈 anybody got advice?

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Look at that massive grin on her face, though. Cosima isn’t even looking at her, so that grin is for no one but herself. Go on, tell me Delphine was just being a good monitor. The proof to the contrary is in that smile. 

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"I jumped the gun." 

These are the first words from her wife, who’s been standing gloomily in their kitchen without so much as returning Maura’s hello.

"What do you mean?" Maura asks.

"I felt weird today.. went in to see Dr. Collier…" Jane sighs in a small voice. She gestures toward the tiny Red Sox onesie on their kitchen counter, which she’d brought home yesterday. It was surprising that Jane had been the one to break down and buy the first baby thing, despite their promise to wait until the second trimester. After three years of trying, it seemed best not to jinx it. "We won’t be needing that after all."

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Real talk though. pagingdoctorobbins reblogs all my selfies and that’s the real reason I’m in love with her. Jk, bb. I miss you so much, ugh.

Like how could I not? 😍 Come here

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I wish that I could be like the cool kids cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in

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If you haven’t noticed already, all I ever do is lay around.

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